"The Secret behind FINANCIAL FREEDOM is how WEALTHY you are in KNOWLEDGE and the ability to see OPPORTUNITIES all around you"

About us

About us

Living Healthy Life is an online community that helps people mostly beginners in the online space, showcasing how things are done. We are a team of passionate people who teach and counsel entrepreneurs and startups how to effectively to run an business online without the help of any technical team. Our aim is to bring people up by developing their skill set and to reduce the lack of employement in the country. At Living Healthy Life, we don't just teach, we carry you along using our tools and expertise

What you will be learning in this course

Dear future enterpreneur, this course was created just you to enable you gain access to the true nature of using the internet as your power horse and not a playground. The internet has been created not just for social networking (which entails the function of chatting with friends and uploading media such as videos and images which 80% will just be a waste of time) but for business using the power of audience. This course will expose the true nature of wealth in the following Business Sector

Course Outline

  • Online Business Strategy
  • Secret of Picking a Profitable Niche
  • The Magic of Sales
  • Magnet Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • What you don't know about eCommerce
  • How to Build and Host a website under 2hours
  • Beginner's Guide to SEO
  • Consulting / Services
  • Money by Knowledge Sales and More

Business Sector

  • Sales
  • Brand Influencing
  • Real Estate
  • eCommerce


  • Counseling
  • Business & Niche Research
  • Breaking the walls
  • Free Money Making Videos

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Be Getting From Our "Comprehensive Guide: How to Make Money Online from Scratch"

  • 5+ hours instructional Videos that walk you through Business Strategy, Set-Up, & Measuring, Foreign Payment Process, Audience Research, Creating / Hosting a website and Optimizing your campaign

  • 3 PDF Documents that include detailed descriptions of how to set up and run a successful online business

  • 2+ Bonus Videos

  • Counseling and Personal Business Coach

  • Special: Certificate in Business Agency*

Here is what i predict you will be asking yourself

"Like Serious, How can i make money online?"

In our 5+hours video series and 530+ pages of our ebook we are not just teaching but we are offering an online program on how exactly YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE ranging from theoritical showcase to practical lessons combined with counseling and question section where you are very free to seek for technical or career advice.

This program introduces different level of making money online and a realitic facts on the exact procedure i and my friends use to make money online.

Here is what you are thinking, "Can i really make money online?"

Lol!!!, Sorry for the laugh but this was the same question my best friend asked me when i first introduced online business to him years ago but out of ignorant he doubted me to the very core and guess what, i have toured 4 different countries while watching him struggle in the online space.

Am i wicked to leave my friend struggle in the online business space? No, i finally thought him with this exact 5+ hours video series including my advice which i am giving to you as a counsel and question section on the platform meaning you can ask me any question and seek my counsel in the online business space

Guess what? Last 2 month he traveled to Dubai just for fun and to get the girls (You know what i mean, right?)

So, whats your stand? Be like my friend how regreted after watching me toured 4 different countries from my online business or like me who used the internet to his advantage - Choose one NOW

Here is a brief of what our program holds for you

-> Breaking the walls: *FACT* people don't make it because they lack motivation or driving force in making it. In this series, we are breaking that walls by showcasing people's life story and how they changed their life with just a simple but vital information.

-> Business Sector: The truth is, if your business is not grouped into the following categories, you will fail in living your dream life as an entreprenuer

1.) Sales : You think you know what sales really is? Think again. We spent 1+ hours only on this video trying to explain the areas of sales that milks out money - Remember my ignorant friend? He didn't know about this but now he does

2.) Real Estate : A student told me that this Business Sector is for big boys. You think so also? Lol!, you can start this business without any money. Doubt me? join the program NOW

3.) Brand Influencing : Do you know those friends who have so many friends liking their post or getting likes, followers and subscribers on their social media account? Guess what, they can turn it into a money making machine - Want to know more? join the program NOW

4.) eCommerce : What people are not telling you about eCommerce business. You can have that information. Just join the Program

-> How to Create and Host a website under 2 hours : How true can this be? Well, i don't really know for you, but to me its very possible and guess what, you don't really need to have an knowledge in computer programming or any technical skill. All you need is your computer and internet

-> How to do marketing effectively : Want to get 100K audience or customer or clients to your business within 1week? Its very possible in this program

-> Certificate : We give certificate but thats after you certify all requirements in the program which includes but not limited to providing an evidence of you starting your online business from scratch.


For breaking the walls, we provided some videos for free but to GET INTO THE PROGRAM we charge N5,000 for just 200 people and N10,000 for every other interested member into the program. Please note that their is one premium course which is recommended for you to purchase but thats only if you are interested in purchasing it otherwise, you can watch and read all our material and also use all our tools including questions and counseling imediately after your approver of activation

Can you just stop reading now and start joining the program you don't have much time to waste. DON'T BE LIKE MY FRIEND WHO WAS IGNORANT AND WASTED TIME BEING POOR

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