"The Secret behind FINANCIAL FREEDOM is how WEALTHY you are in KNOWLEDGE and the ability to see OPPORTUNITIES all around you"

Living Healthy Life(ngwealth) is “enough is enough” online classroom that teaches step-by-step process on how to make the kind of money you want to live your dream life.

With what I am about to expose to you, a point will come when you don’t have to take crap from anybody, who so ever including your boss who pays you a penny all in the name of salary (If you are an employee).

The truth is, I tolerated so many nonsense all because i don't have the fund to finance all my needs and ambition and when i finally broke the code to my financial freedom i finally discovered that "their are some nonsense that money can stop". If you have ever being seriously insulted because you don't have money, i think you can relate with me

This course is about giving you the step-by-step breakdown on how to make your “enough is enough” money.

That means you’ll discover:

Online Money-Making Secrets

Discover the little-known ways ordinary people are making extraordinary income online every day

Easy Steps Anyone Can Do

These things includes creating & hosting a website, mobile app, digital marketing using Facebook and Instagram and many more. When this skills are consumed and digested, you will skyrocket your online business effort

Uncomfortable Truths

How the rich really get rich while the masses often work harder and never get a break

The Ultimate Lifestyle Hacks

The exact formulas to follow when you want to hit all of your income goals months after months

Here is my Story in Brief

My name is Okafor Princewill, a 27 years old entrepreneur who hailed from Anambra State, based in Lagos but currently living in Owerri so as to complete my next business transactions. Before becoming an entrepreneur, here is my story in brief

I came from an average family who has almost no money, no connections and no skills to now being a self-made, 7-figure entrepreneur. Today, I give people with humble beginnings like my own the quickest, and most straightforward blueprints to living a good life.

My “Enough is Enough” book has given thousands of people a direct and a straight forward path to living a healthy financial life with more freedom, money and time with their loved ones.

Without this book, you will waste your time watching motivational videos, signing up for pointless courses and 10 years down the road, you’ll be exactly where you are now.

With this book, you will eliminate the guesswork and will never again get embarrassed or waste your time going down the wrong path again. So use the shortcuts to financial freedom in this book and enjoy.

See, future millions, i have struggled in life all in the name of making the kind of money I truly need to live my dream life but the truth remains that wealth is not about pointless labor or hustle, it's all about using what you know and have to get what you truly want. I never knew this truth until a very successful entrepreneur based in Canada in the United States exposed the money making secrets to me and until today I have being making tons of money from my 4 businesses in the world using the Online Business Strategy and I will tell you the truth, my life has gone from Zero to Hero believe it or not, I am now a Super Hero. You don’t need to seek for a job to become successful or labor morning till night to get food on your table, what you just need now is to download my FREE eBook to start your journey to financial freedom

What people are saying about Princewill


Mr. Princewill is a wonderful instructor and because of his teaching i have being able to develop and startup my own online business and i am loving it more than i could imagine

Currenly in Portharcourt, Nigeria

Internet Marketer

Mary Kenechuwu

I have never met someone like Mr. Princewill, since i took his course my mind has being opened to an infinite level. I am currently starting my next internet business

Currenly in Owerri, Nigeria

Relationship Expert and Book Writer

Gabriel Okoro

His FREE eBOOK and Course is the BEST EVER!!! I totally learn't alot which exploded my mind to what wealth really is and how i can make money. He is the BEST online guru

Currenly in Lagos, Nigeria

Currently starting my Online Business

What i did to transform you from Grass (Poor) to Grace (Rich)

I have prepared a power FREE eBook titled "Enough is Enough" that will work you down the line on how to successful start your online business from scatch. We also have 8+ short videos that will work you through practical steps on how to successfully start milking money online without stress and start living your dream life.

Here is what you are thinking, "Can i really make money online?"

Lol!!!, Sorry for the laugh but this was the same question my best friend asked me when i first introduced online business to him years ago but out of ignorant he doubted me to the very core and guess what, i have toured 4 different countries while watching him struggle in life.

Am i wicked to leave my friend struggle in his current business? No, i finally thought him with this exact eBook and video series including my advice which i am giving to you as a counsel and question section on the platform meaning you can ask me any question and seek my counsel in the online business space therefore eliminating the risk of failing on any kind of business you choose to start

Guess what? Last 2 month my best friend who was ignorant and skeptical in starting an online business has traveled to Dubai just for fun and to get the girls (You know what i mean, right?)

So, whats your stand? Be like my friend how regreted after watching me toured 4 different countries from my online business or like me who used the internet to his advantage - Choose one NOW

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